Category: NOT ZOMBIE

Equality Now


he him she and her

who are we to judge one’s love

marriage equality now



you, willing travler

i remain as passenger

free inside your arms


oh’ i have an itch

i reach but cannot scratch it

your wet tongue the balm

My Everything

you make the wind blow

you make the river ebb, flow

you make my heart goooooooooo

Holiest of Holies (Parts 1-3)


wet soft fragrant grass

i lie and stare stars above

waking dream of you


familiar strangers

heart bursting white wicker dreams

tongue tied nevermore


burning hearts ignite

sublime holiest holy

your kiss my savior

Russian Sex Robots

русский spilling mouth

hot mechanical malaise

vodka sex voodoo

I Need a Dollar, Dollar, Dollar is What I Need

streets of N Y C

winds of luck oh’ won’t you blow

money from the sky


beautiful fab boy

your loud laughter pure delight

heart so full of might

Free Drinks

birthday drinks imbibed

yellow cab scurry me home

stagger stumble sleep


little pink bundle

you oink, twitch, smile with your eyes

better on my plate