Equality Now


he him she and her

who are we to judge one’s love

marriage equality now



crawling, oozing goo

lost limbs still he will eat you

good little zombie

good little zombie

Illustration by Matthew Reid


knobby little knees

deliciousness on my tongue

tendons muscle yum

Even Zombies Love Nutella

nutella on wrist

peanut butter spread amidst

zombie sandwich twist


you, willing travler

i remain as passenger

free inside your arms

He is Not Him


Illustration by Penelope Wilkins

Night Walkers

the dead walk at night

stealing kisses while you dream

perish while you sleep

Perfect Meat

ripping off your face

your skin so salty and sweet

sultry perfect meat

To submit an illustration for this, email here:  haikuliamail@gmail.com


oh’ i have an itch

i reach but cannot scratch it

your wet tongue the balm

My Everything

you make the wind blow

you make the river ebb, flow

you make my heart goooooooooo